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    The functional resume, also called the "skill" resume, is a type of resume that highlights what you can do, instead of the timeline of places you have worked. Rather than show the employer "when I did what", the functional format should highlight the applicant's skills and potential, and show ...
    April 27, 2017 · College,student,Education
    3. Location, Location, Location When you go to college, you're not just going to be going to school. You will be living in a new environment. It is incredibly important, therefore, to choose the right environment in which you will thrive the most. Think about the distance from your current...
    April 27, 2017 · College,students,Education
    So here you are! You are in the last stages of high school or a recent graduate, and you have likely been thinking about college for months or even years. But now it's time to start choosing where you will apply and, ultimately, where you will attend. Yikes; they all look similar, don't they?...
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